About DAR PRO Solutions

DAR PRO Solutions, part of the Darling Ingredients family, repurposes used cooking oil and meat byproducts across the United States into renewable biofuels, animal feed ingredients and other household and industrial resources.

The DAR PRO brand was launched in 2012, when Darling Ingredients acquired Griffin Industries LLC, an experienced and industry-leading player in the biomass rendering industry. Shortly after, DAR PRO Solutions was born, with its sister brands, DAR PRO Ingredients and DAR PRO Bioenergy, to service both Darling and Griffin customers in a unified manner.

DAR PRO Solutions, alongside Darling’s Canadian brand Rothsay, builds on more than a century of expertise and innovation to provide quality cooking oil collection and grease trap services throughout North America.

Among our customers are international restaurant and supermarket chains, casinos, hotels, major airports, theme parks, college campuses, and local eateries.  

About Darling Ingredients

Darling Ingredients has more than 135 years of industry-defining experience protecting people, animals and the planet. Darling, alongside many of its global brands, provides critical environmental services that turn biomass waste into necessary resources that feed and fuel the world’s ever-growing population and create a healthy, sustainable future.

Today, Darling Ingredients’ footprint includes 200 locations on five continents. Our organization offers a global portfolio of more than 400 products and services in the pharmaceutical, food, feed, fertilizer and fuel industries. Darling is publicly traded on the NYSE as DAR.

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