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For hassle-free, efficient grease management

Managing the daily tasks at your restaurant or supermarket requires focus. When it comes to issues like dealing with the storage of used cooking oil, grease trap maintenance or the disposal of meat and bone trimmings, you deserve a partner who can provide professional, proficient and sustainable service… so you’re free to serve your customers with the attention they demand.  As North America’s leading industry service provider, DAR PRO Solutions promises a one-stop solution to managing your used cooking oil, grease and inedible meats – and we do it in a sustainable way, helping you meet your own sustainability goals.

Taking care of the environment

At the same time that we are taking care of your inedible co-products, we’re also busy taking care of the environment. Our stringent processing operations are the safest and most efficient method of handling these organic materials, leaving less of a footprint on the environment than disposal methods such as using landfills or composting. To us, sustainability is not a goal to strive to accomplish – it lies at the foundation of what we do, every day, for over a century.

A unique trio for providing solutions

DAR PRO Solutions works in close alliance with DAR PRO Ingredients (who processes the used cooking oil and inedible meat co-products we collect into finished fats, oils and proteins) and DAR PRO Bioenergy (who produces and markets our own biodiesel and renewable diesel fuels).  Working together, we offer a complete, sustainable loop between our customers, our plants and industries that serve us both.  Your inedible fats and oils can become the fuel that powers your next delivery truck, or safely feeds the chickens that will feed your customers.