There's no bulk about us.

Sure, there are some benefits to combining your fresh oil delivery with your used oil collection into one piece of equipment.  But there are distinct benefits to keeping the two separate - controlling inventory and food costs among them. 

DAR PRO Solutions, a brand of internationally-known Darling Ingredients, has recently been approved to offer McDonald's owners and operators our automated direct pump connection to your fryers.  Now you have a choice for your grease service provider.  What will DAR PRO give you? 

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  • Full management control:  over the type, amount, delivery and cost of your fresh cooking oil
  • McDonald's approved equipment option:  B.O.S.S. SpaceSaver
  • DAR PRO's direct pump option:  push of a button transfer of used oil from fryers to new tank (other oil transfer options are available)
  • HALF the space/MORE storage:  free up room in your kitchen – and gain four extra shelves within the same footprint
  • ZERO COST: no charge for equipment, freight delivery, installation, training – and NO monthly fees 
  • Simple and safe:  ease of use and simple functionality mean fewer service calls
  • Apply any rebates where you want: rebates aren't automatically applied against the cost of oil or service
  • 24/7/365 dedicated customer engagement who understand the McDonald's program

Want to know more about our automated SpaceSaver?


SAVES room and MAKES room ... at the same time!

See our SPEC SHEET for details.

Our Sustainability Promise

100% of your used cooking oil will be processed at one of our company-owned facilities and repurposed into something new.  We can further commit that the equivalent volume picked up from your store will become sustainable, clean-burning biofuel produced at one of our own biodiesel or renewable diesel plants.

Save money. Save space. Save time.
Call us today to learn how our McDonald's program can benefit YOU.