This is the second in our Grease Theft blog series.

It sounds like the plot of a Coen brothers movie. Thieves driving unmarked trucks pull into restaurant parking lots in the dead of night, steal the used cooking oil from that week’s batch of French fries, and attempt to sell the vats of grease on the black market. Chaos ensues.

But, make no mistake, grease theft is very real. According to the National Renderers Association, up to $75 million worth of used cooking oil is stolen in the United States every year, with no end in sight.

Left unchecked, this theft does more than take money away from restaurants and legitimate rendering companies. It impacts the environment, the economy, as well as the safety of our communities, roadways and water supply.

That’s why we are committed to teaching our customers and law enforcement to recognize grease theft for what it is – a serious crime, often perpetrated by serious criminals with long arrest histories for very unfunny crimes.

Since thieves usually (but not always!) work under the cover of night, after restaurants have closed, how can you tell if your grease has been stolen?  And what should you do?

Signs your grease has been stolen:

  • Visual signs of access to your grease bin (a broken fence or barrier, or bin is out of place)
  • Grease is spilled in your parking lot (beware - spilled grease isn’t only a slip hazard for your employees and customers, but any oily run-off into sewer drains could bring about environmental fines)
  • The grease level in your bin is down, and your service provider was not scheduled to empty the bin (know when your contracted service provider normally picks up your used cooking oil)
  • You, or your neighbors, notice suspicious trucks or individuals around your bin corral, or…

,,,there’s something that just doesn’t look right.  Check out our photos where we’ve caught theft in action and compare them to our service vehicles and uniformed technicians from DAR PRO Solutions.  


  1. Don’t literally try to catch him! 
  2. If it’s safe, mark down a license number or vehicle description as you…
  3. CALL 911
  4. Then, call your grease service provider.
  5.  Report any descriptive information you have, without putting yourself or others in danger.

If you’re interested in how to PREVENT grease theft, our website can tell you more.   {link to  )

Our company is serious about combatting this crime.  We even have our own security squad, the “Grease Police”.  Consider DAR PRO if you need professional grease collection or trap service from a company that really does care about their customers and communities.

These are what a legitimate grease collection vehicle looks like (both owned and operated by DAR PRO Solutions).

Questions on how you can protect your store, employees and customers against grease theft?  Call DAR PRO Solutions today.

855-DAR-PRO1  ( 855-327-7761 )

This is the second in our Grease Theft blog series.

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