Why carry used cooking oil outdoors, when you can lower risks and store it indoors? 

If your staff were given the choice of working in a kitchen where they had to hand carry hot grease outdoors and empty it into a bin, or simply flip a switch and have the hot oil seamlessly pump from fryer to storage container, which do you think they’d prefer? 

The US hospitality and restaurant industry saw an employee turnover rate of over 70% for 2016, with some researchers estimating the hiring cost for an employee running as high as $3,500.  Much of this turnover is expected – summer jobs for students, second jobs for extra earnings. But restaurants are also losing quality, full-time personnel who must be replaced and trained before they can perform at full efficiency.

It obviously makes good business sense to do what you can to retain your quality employees.  As reported in Retail & Restaurant Facility Business’ March 2018 magazine, a study by the American Society of Interior Designers showed that employees who like their work environments were 31% more likely to be satisfied in their jobs. 

Think about that.  Why subject your employees to risking burns and falls from greasy spills while lugging heavy buckets of hot grease out the back door?  Make your kitchen a safer and kinder place to work for your employees and increase efficiency at the same time... in most cases, at no cost to you!

View our infographicbelow for a quick overview of the benefits of going indoor!

Why store your used cooking oil outdoors.... when you can move it inside and virtually eliminate risks?

  • Slips – Safeguard your employees against falls and slips; these account for 27% of all workers comps claims.  Spilled grease can increase a restaurant’s liability for employee, or customer, injury.
  • Theft – Grease thieves steal as much as $75 million of used cooking oil per year. If your service provider pays you a rebate for the used cooking oil they collect, grease thieves are taking money out of your pocket. Move the grease indoors and protect your oil!
  • Fines – Environmental grease spills are a real threat to restaurants. Whether from an employee spilling grease while carrying it to an outdoor bin, or run-off from powerwashing the grease bin itself, contamination of sewer systems can impact groundwater and incur hefty fines. Some states penalize businesses with fines of $10,000 per day, and higher, until the spill is cleaned.
  • Burns – Burns account for the highest accident rate in the restaurant industry, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, with fryers being the leading culprit.  Automated indoor collection won’t protect the worker from every possible grease burn, but it will greatly reduce their exposure to hot oil!

DAR PRO Solutions offers the most diverse lineup ofindoor used cooking oil storage options in the industry, usually at no cost to you.  Think you don’t have room for an indoor tank?  We think you do!  Call us today for a free site survey and see how you can minimize risk and increase employee satisfaction.