How Fats and Used Cooking Oils are Low Carbon Renewable Resources

DAR PRO Solutions transforms used cooking oil and animal meat by-products into valuable new resources that contribute to a more sustainable world. 

The remaining oils, fatty acids, proteins, meals, and minerals are used as nutritional ingredients for livestock feed and pet food, or for a variety of industrial and commercial purposes.

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As a DAR PRO customer, you can rest easy knowing your used cooking oil will be handled safely and efficiently by our professionally trained, uniformed and licensed service personnel.

  • Industry-leading, automated equipment lineup to collect your used cooking oil responsibly, efficiently and in accordance with governmental and environmental regulations.

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Our company is answering the world's need for sustainable, low carbon fuels. 

Our Diamond Green Diesel (DGD) plant, a joint venture between Darling Ingredients and Valero Energy Corp., processes approximately 15% of the animal fats and distiller & used cooking oils generated in North America.  In August 2018, DGD doubled its annual capacity to 275 million gallons of renewable diesel.  The facility is currently under a third expansion that will more than double production to over 675 million gallons, targeted for completion in 2021.