What does DAR PRO Solutions do?

DAR PRO Solutions is a brand of Darling Ingredients Inc. that serves the restaurant, supermarket, hospitality, foodservice and meat processing industries in the USA.  DAR PRO Solutions is the nation’s leading provider of clean, efficient and sustainable used cooking oil collection and grease trap services, and offers the most diverse line of used cooking oil collection equipment in the industry. DAR PRO also collects meat by-products from grocers, butchers and meat processors. All material collected by DAR PRO Solutions is processed and repurposed into biofuel, nutritional animal feed ingredients, or used in many common household and commercial products.

What is the difference between Darling Ingredients and DAR PRO Solutions?

Darling Ingredients is the parent company of DAR PRO Solutions. DAR PRO Solutions is a brand of Darling Ingredients focused on providing used cooking oil removal and grease trap services to the food industry in the United States.

What does Darling Ingredients do?

Darling Ingredients Inc. is the international leader in converting edible and inedible bio-nutrients from animal origin into nutritional, safe and sustainable food, feed and fuel ingredients for a growing, global population. Darling has over 200 processing plants on five continents with sales and distribution offices throughout the world, and is the only publicly traded company in our industry (NYSE/DAR). They are headquartered in Irving, Texas with approximately 10,000 worldwide, dedicated employees providing services and products to an international market.

What demand do our rendering operations have on water resources?

Water is the most critical limiting resource throughout the world. The food processing byproducts we convert into value added ingredients contains a significant amount of water. The majority of our conversion processes recover this water for reuse and/or a return to the environment following varied levels of treatment. The net result is Darling produces more water than it uses.

If Darling is international, does DAR PRO Solutions operate all around the world?

DAR PRO Solutions offers used cooking oil, grease trap, and fat and bone services to the U.S. foodservice industry. Their sister brand, Rothsay, offers the same services in Canada. Restaurant services are not, at this time, available from Darling Ingredients in the rest of the world, though there are some fat and bone pickup services from retailers in some European countries under our Rendac brand.

Griffin Industries picks up my used grease, so why is DAR PRO Solutions showing up at my restaurant?

In 2010, Darling Ingredients acquired Griffin Industries, and launched the DAR PRO Solutions brand in 2012 to bring the similar services together under one umbrella to best serve our combined customer base of restaurants, supermarkets, meat processors, and others in the foodservice industry. All our used cooking oil, grease trap services, and retail fat and bone collection are now handled by DAR PRO Solutions, a brand of Darling Ingredients and the former Griffin Industries.

I’m a Torvac grease trap customer. Why are DAR PRO trucks servicing my traps?

We formerly ran our grease trap operations in the greater Chicago and Northern Illinois and Indiana areas under the name Torvac. In 2012, when we launched our DAR PRO Solutions brand, all our restaurant, supermarket and grease trap services began operating under this new name. The same technicians, working for the same company (DAR PRO Solutions is a brand of Darling Ingredients Inc.), continue to provide the same professional service we provided under the Torvac name.