A Partner to Depend On

DAR PRO Solutions specializes in comprehensive grease management solutions for casinos nationwide.  Whether you have restaurants spread out, gaming arenas, food courts or cafeterias we have the equipment and service capacity to effectively handle all of your grease-related needs.  We offer our Casino partners two main services: 

Let the experts handle it

Used oil management for a casino with multiple kitchens is different than a traditional restaurant. We work closely with our Casino partners to better understand these challenges: 

  • Managing storage and collection of high volumes of used cooking oil
  • Centralizing the placement of container for all fryers throughout the establishment
  • With multiple kitchens operating around the clock, hauling grease to the back dock is not a feasible option
  • Manual transfer of oil causes spills and property damage
  • The need to create a safe and sanitary workspace for employees 

A Solution for Every Kitchen

Our automated systems are designed to help you transfer high volumes of used cooking oil with the push of a button.

  • Customized used cooking oil storage containers designed to to fit your needs
  • Casino Caddy to safely transfer high volumes of oil produced daily
  • Fully enclosed tank with capacity to store oil from multiple kitchens
  • Anti-theft fittings to prevent grease theft and oil contamination.
  • Scheduled curbside pickups to minimize the interruptions to business

Helping You Achieve Sustainability

Your customers care about the impact on the environment.  By dedicating collected volumes of UCO to produce "Green Diesel" and feed ingredients, DAR PRO is helping to reduce the carbon footprint of your food production efforts.  Our closed-loop process takes your by-product from waste material to biofuel via our state-of-the art processing center, Diamond Green Diesel. 

Successful Installs:

DAR PRO is a reliable vendor with great communication and scheduling efforts for pick-ups.

Reach us 24/7: (855) 327-7761

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Did You Know?

Grease traps allow the fats, oils, and grease (FOG) to float where it can be removed, and water sinks to the bottom of the trap where it flows out of the trap into the municipal water supply.  Grease traps are NOT intended for grease disposal and fryer oil should not be poured down the drain.