A Partner to Rely On

DAR PRO Solutions specializes in used cooking oil collection, storage, recycling and grease trap cleaning services for hospitality establishments across the nation.  Whether your hotel has one kitchen catering small conventions or multiple restaurant kitchens, we have the equipment and service capacity to effectively handle your grease-related needs.  We offer our hospitality partners two main service options: 

Let the experts handle it

Challenges concerning used cooking oil in the hospitality industry vary as hotel/convention center/restaurant service offerings vary as well.

  • Cooking oil usage varies on the season, used cooking oil and grease trap servicing schedules can be erratic
  • Storing large amounts used cooking oil can impede on the limited space convenience stores have
  • Creating a safe and sanitary environment for the employees to avoid accidents and injuries caused by manually handling hot grease from the fryer
  • Centralizing the used cooking oil storage system to collect oil from fryers that are spread across numerous kitchens and/or restaurants

A Solution for Every Kitchen

DAR PRO Solutions works with hospitality venues of all types across the nation. We have equipment and service solutions to cater the most unique used cooking oil and grease trap needs. Busy month? Slow week? Want to avoid pickup during peak hours? We can schedule pickup for times that are best for you 

  • We help your business stay in compliance with current regulations and ordinances
  • We counsel you on proper grease trap maintenance to avoid unwanted back ups
  • Innovative storage tank designs optimize limited space 
  • Our solutions keep employee interaction with used cooking oil to a minimum
  • Fully enclosed tank installed in one area to collect and store used cooking oil from numerous kitchens
  • Customizable service and equipment to ensure efficiency and safety

Helping You Achieve Sustainability

Your customers care about the impact on the environment.  By dedicating collected volumes of UCO to produce "Green Diesel" and feed ingredients, DAR PRO is helping to reduce the carbon footprint of your food production efforts.  Our closed-loop process takes your by-product from waste material to biofuel via our state-of-the art processing center, Diamond Green Diesel. 

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