Grease Trap & Used Cooking Oil Recycling Services in Cincinnati Area

We know you have a plateful of issues to deal with every day, handling used cooking oil shouldn't be one of them. Let our Cincinnati service team help free your time so you can concentrate on other business matters while lowering your carbon footprint as well!

Equipment made to fit your needs!

DAR PRO Solutions offers the industry's most diverse line of equipment options designed to fit a variety of floor space and oil volume needs. We work closely with our customers for a solution that won't take up needed room and may even provide extra storage space (ask about our B.O.S.S. Space Saver). Let us do a free site survey and bring our 4S Automated Used Oil Transfer Systems to your store.


Butler's plant was the first in the U.S. to process used cooking oil and animal fats into efficient, clean biodiesel. Two additional facilities in Canada and Louisiana. Click on the image below to read more.

Simple. Safe. Sanitary. Secure.

Turn your oil tank into a fuel tank!

We mean it when we say our customers' greases and fats can be converted into sustainable biofuels. We can transport your animal fats and used cooking oils to one of our three biofuel production facilities where we process the material into clean, safe biofuel. 

  • We own and operate three biofuel facilities - two biodiesel and one renewable diesel
  • Our biofuels emit up to 86% LESS carbon dioxide than petroleum diesel
  • We process 11% of the animal fats and used cooking oils generated in North America

Contact us today to find out how your fat can become the biofuel that powers the truck bringing your store's next delivery.

About our company, Darling Ingredients

DAR PRO is a brand of Darling Ingredients Inc., a global producer of sustainable food, feed and fuel ingredients derived from the conversion of proteins from meat, poultry and swine processors, fat and bone remnants from grocers and butchers, and used cooking oils from the restaurant and hospitality industry. In business for over 130 years, with 200+ operations on five continents, Darling Ingredients leads our industry in pioneering innovative solutions for material that otherwise would go unused. Learn more at or watch our video to see how what we do impacts lives every day.

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