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Memphis Used Cooking Oil Collection & Recycling Services

Nothing goes with Memphis BBQ like fries...and fries need grease. What to do with all that used cooking oil can be a messy, slippery problem. Or, with the right service partner, it can be something a busy restaurant manager doesn't need to worry about. Let our DAR PRO service team help free your time for other matters.

Efficient service is our #1 promise to our Memphis area customers.

Your fats to our biofuels bringing your next food delivery!

We mean it when we say our customers' greases and fats can be converted into sustainable biofuels. We transport your animal fats and used cooking oils to one of our three refining facilities where we process the material into clean, safe biofuel. 

  • We own and operate three biofuel facilities -
    two biodiesel and one renewable diesel
  • Our biofuels emit up to 86% LESS carbon dioxide than petroleum diesel
  • We process 11% of the animal fats and used cooking oils generated in North America

Contact ustoday to find out how your fat can become biofuel powering the truck bringing your store's next delivery.