When it comes to fresh oil management, we step aside completely, giving store managers full control over the How and When, as well as the What they pay for their fresh oil.

How are you purchasing your fresh cooking oil?  A partnership with DAR PRO Solutions frees management to make their own decisions on oil purchases, and eliminates possible service fees, distribution and reporting costs that are figured into a bulk oil service contract.  Customers can select the type of oil they prefer from their distributor, taking advantage of any corporate pricing that may be available to them.

We recently spoke with two McDonald’s franchise owners who have used both a fresh oil system and a JIB system for their cooking oil needs.  While there are advantages to both systems, these owner/operators agreed on several benefits a service like DAR PRO Solutions has over a combined fresh & used oil system. 

Benefits of the JIB vs The Bulk Approach

1. Controlling food costs.

Dave Stiles has done his homework on controlling fresh oil costs at his restaurants. Conducting his own ROI analysis, he recognized a $30,000 savings over a 10-year period by switching to JIBs over bulk delivery service. This doesn’t include additional savings that could be realized from your food distributor’s contract pricing. "Adding JIBs to fulfill contracted food delivery amounts can save restaurants considerably", said Stiles.

“The cost of fresh oil at my bulk stores runs about $1,000 a month; using JIBs, I pay $800 a month. Additionally, my used oil rebates aren’t automatically figured into my bulk oil costs. I get a rebate check with JIB service and can apply that money where I choose.”

Steve Stratton, Owner, Ohio

Distribution centers often contract with restaurants to supply a set number of cases of food in a specified period at a negotiated price. If the stores don’t purchase that amount, they must make up the monetary difference. By adding JIBs to the delivery truck, stores are more likely to meet their minimum delivery quota – possibly even putting them in a position to renegotiate additional savings.

2. Eliminate the unknown.

Steve Stratton, owner of six McDonald’s locations in Southern Indiana, said that with a JIB system, you know what you are getting, and you order when you need it. “Let’s say our system had 50 pounds of fresh oil left to use. But instead of using that 50 pounds down to zero, my bulk oil supplier will deliver by schedule and top the tank off to its full capacity.” Dave Stiles, owner of ten McDonald’s stores in the Midwest, agreed that topping off can be a problem. “With fresh oil bulk delivery, I don’t know exactly how much is going into our system – if they are adding that 1,000 pounds I contracted for, or only adding 950. With JIB’s, I know exactly how much is being used. I appreciate that transparency."

3. Guarantee the freshness.

Directly tied to the “topping off” practice, is determining oil freshness. When a supply of oil is regularly being topped off with a new delivery, the freshness of that oil supply becomes questionable. JIB’s, however, give you the control to ensure your oil is fresh according to your standards and needs.

4. Simplicity saves the day.

Equipment dedicated to collecting used cooking oil is simple to operate, with fewer parts that may need service. An automated, direct-connect system between fryer and tank makes the process clean, simple and efficient. “I like things basic and simple,” said Stiles, who is sold on the JIB system, but opts not to connect directly. “I’ve had a lot of problems with my bulk systems, and now have them removed immediately when I get a new store. I don’t like paying more for service, and then having to make more service calls. JIB systems are simple to operate and seem to have fewer service issues. My service calls now are about needing my tank emptied sooner than scheduled rather than reporting an equipment problem.” 

One of the reported drawbacks of using JIB oil is that you will always have some oil left in the JIB that doesn’t get used. Stiles said, “It’s all in how you manage it.” At his stores, the JIB is placed on the fryer and left to completely drain while his kitchen crew goes about their work. “We were paying employees to stand and hold a button for two minutes to fill the fryer, when they could turn a JIB upside down to drain into a vat. In our world, two minutes is a long time!”

Fresh oil. Fresh savings?

Sure, there are some benefits to combining your fresh oil delivery with your used oil collection into one piece of equipment.  But there are distinct benefits to keeping the two separate - controlling inventory and food costs among them.   If you would like to try the self-directed benefits of fresh oil management via the JIB, give DAR PRO Solutions a call at 855-339-0674.  Our team will work closely with to compare service options, determining how much you could save with an alternate solution.    

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