Reduce Cooking Oil-Related Injury 

UCO Safety in a Post COVID-19 World 

Listed below are the three main types of UCO disposal systems. Each list of safety tips is accompanied by a downloadable PDF that can kept on file for frequent reference. 

Fully Automated 

There’s not much to see here folks, and that’s the beauty of a fully automated UCO disposal and filtration system. With only a couple button presses, your UCO is safely transferred directly from your fryers to a storage tank to await pick up by your UCO service provider. This Mercedes of UCO systems hardly requires a thought by operators and is a zero oil contact solution, ideal for a post-COVID-19 world. 

Semi-Automated – Uses Grease Caddy 

  • Turn off fryers but ensure the oil temperature does not cool below 274 degrees F
  • Replace the caddy screen before pouring oil
  • Replace the caddy lid before pushing to tank
  • Always push caddy for better control vs pulling
  • When plugging in caddy electrical cord, remove gloves to avoid grease contacting a cord or electric outlet
  • Put on safety gloves back on before touching hose or couplers on caddy as they will be HOT! 
  • Lock the wheels in place; do not leave caddy unattended in hallways or high traffic area  
  • Stay with caddy during procedure as it only takes three minutes to evacuate contents of a standard 65 lb. caddy 
  • Watch to avoid oil drips when disconnecting hoses 
  • Once all oil has been removed from base of caddy, allow pump to run an additional 30 seconds and suction remaining oil from hose into tank 
  • Only turn on caddy heater if there is solidified oil in caddy that needs warmed
  • Turn off caddy and unplug 
  • If caddy pump clogs, make sure system is off and unplugged before inspecting pump and motor

Manual Disposal – Outdoor Bin  

  • Ensure oil is cooled down to handling temperature
  • Check to make sure the UCO storage container is in good condition 
  • Ensure oil is cooled to 
  • Make sure the floors from fryer to storage bin are not wet and no oil spill in the area
  • Make sure the transport container is completely dry 
  • Never fill container more than ¾ full 
  • Save room for the liquid UCO to move but not splash out as you transport to storage container 
  • If discarding more than one 35 lbs. of UCO at a time, consider:
    • Making multiple trips to the UCO storage bin 
    • Ask a second person for help 
    • Use a lifting aide such as a cart 
  • Follow heavy lifting guidelines to avoid back injury  
  • Remove excess debris blocking the grate on lid 
  • Look in storage bin before pouring UCO to avoid splashing and overflow, ensure there is sufficient room for oil in container 
  • Pour UCO slowly and avoid extra oil dripping down the side of container 

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