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There's no ONE right solution - so we developed several to best serve our customers

At DAR PRO, we know one solution won't answer all of our customers' needs. That's why we have developed the widest range of indoor and outdoor used cooking oil collection options in the industry.
     • Reliable and efficient grease and oil management to customers across North America
     • Solutions for stores of all sizes: complex chain supermarkets to local independent restaurants
     • An environmental partner to help you meet your own sustainability goals
     • Over 130 years of business expertise with a financially strong global company dedicated to finding innovative solutions to the world's food, feed and fuel needs.  

Below are the services DAR PRO Solutions, and Rothsay in Canada, can offer restaurants, supermarkets and other food service and hospitality establishments across North America.

Innovative products and services

Our company continuously listens to what our customers are asking for, and to the growing global demand for food, feed and fuel. We have the resources to invest in the research and development of necessary and innovative solutions. Darling Ingredients has the expertise and resources to provide a diverse portfolio of products and services around the world, and most importantly, the dedicated employees who work closely with our customers to ensure the best solution is delivered for each need.