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Our customer relationships are our #1 priority

Nothing can ruin a trusted business relationship faster than poor customer service or substandard products. We realize you have a menu full of service providers to select from, all a call or a click away. To retain our customers’ loyalty, we must provide the most reliable, efficient grease service, the most innovative equipment options, and the most knowledgeable and communicative customer service and sales team in the industry… and continually evaluate and improve to ensure we are delivering on our promises.

Our new Customer Engagement Centerhelps us meet these goals.

Our Customer Engagement Center:

  • Accompanies you throughout your customer journey, from initial inquiry to agreement renewals, with complete training and knowledge to answer your questions and share updates on our newest services and offerings
  • Efficient, paperless, digitized agreements for fast and simple completion
  • Dedicated team from CEC customer service, sales and accounting work together to effectively manage all your used cooking oil removal and grease trap service needs
  • Schedules a service cycle based on your volume needs, and responds to emergency service requests 24/7/365
  • Trained to answer questions, troubleshoot problems and help make managing your busy storefront less complicated
  • Verifies and supports qualified third-party service providers for customers located outside our geographic coverage area

A single point of contact who understands the greasy side of your business

Whether you are a local independent or manage a complex national business, finding quality service partners who understand your specific operation can be a challenge.  Our CEC offers you one point of contact for all your grease needs, with representatives dedicated to moving you efficiently through new business setup, service requests, equipment upgrades, or whatever your need of the moment may be. Our toll-free line is answered 24/7/365. You can also reach us through social media or live chat during regular business hours.  

We promise service commitment and expertise dedicated to what you need to keep your business running like a smoothly greased machine. 

Need replacement parts for your used oil collection tank? Visit our new parts portal - ordering online is now fast and simple!