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We pledge customer service excellence, any time, all year long

Nothing can ruin a trusted business relationship faster than poor customer service.  We value the longevity of our loyal customers, and our mission is to provide excellence in not only the service and equipment we provide on your store premises, but also when you need to contact us between our scheduled visits.  All our representatives are fully trained and eager to find the proper solution to your problem or the right answer to your question, from the local independent restaurant owner to the national mega-supermarket chain.  Our toll-free line is answered 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our National Service Center accounts can count on:

  • Management of all used cooking oil removal services
  • Management of all grease trap services
  • Management of all supermarket services
  • Reliable service according to scheduled cycles
  • NSC representatives available 24/7, 365 days a year, to answer questions, troubleshoot problems and help make managing your busy storefront less complicated
  • Verification and support of qualified third-party service providers for customers located outside our geographic coverage area
  • All our service providers are reliable, properly permitted and insured 
  • All our operations are in compliance with hauling and disposal requirements

Our National Service Center, a one-stop shop for national and regional chain customers

We understand that running a complex national or regional business operation can be a challenge, and finding business partners who understand your needs and who can service all your locations with one point of contact can be even more difficult. That’s why DAR PRO Solutions established our National Service Center (NSC), offering service commitment and expertise dedicated to  your specific needs. 

A single point-of-contact who knows your business

As a multi-store chain customer, you will enjoy a single point of contact at the NSC. In this way, we enable our service agents to develop detailed knowledge of your operations and service needs, so we can quickly resolve problems and provide consistency for all your locations.  Customers using DAR PRO Solutions for more than one line of service also benefit, having one representative to contact rather than juggling multiple vendors.   

To discuss service options with a National Service Center representative, please call 1-855-DAR-PRO1 (855-327-7761)