Grease Bin

Commonly referred to as a grease dumpster, corral bin and more, these outdoor or indoor containers are designed for storage and collection of used cooking oil from fryers and are above ground.

Quick facts:

  • We have 5+ container options to fit your needs
  • Offerred with proprietary "anti-theft" valve that only fits DAR PRO service vehicles
  • Direct pump connections available

Read more about our containers on our Equipment FAQ page.

Grease Trap

A grease trap is a container, generally placed underground and usually outdoors, that is required in most commercial kitchens to collect the fats, oils and greases ("FOG") that run through the drains during normal kitchen operations. Put simply, grease traps allow the FOG material to float where it can be removed, and the water to sink to the bottom of the trap where it flows out of the trap into the municipal water supply.

Quick facts: 

  • Grease traps are NOT intended for grease disposal
  • Traps should be examined periodically for wear and damage
  • A grease inceptor is commonly referred to as a grease trap. Both terms are referencing the same thing

The trap is a holding tank that separates grease and oils from the wastewater produced from sinks, floor drains and dishwashers. Water from these sources enters a grease trap where it is separated – grease floats to the top of the trap and is removed while the wastewater exits through an outlet pipe into the city’s sewer system. There are different methods on how the trap is cleaned, often based on city requirements or service provider capability.

Learn more on our Grease Trap FAQ page.

Is it okay to put grease down the drain?

Grease should never be poured down a drain, as it will solidify while traveling through the pipe and can cause clogging, backups and overflows. Such blockages can not only damage your plumbing system, but its can also cause issues with local city sewage systems...and result in fines for the business owner. Grease traps are intended to caputre residual grease and are not meant for the disposal of solid materials.

GREASE THEFT may sound petty, but it's a serious crime with serious criminals.  Read "The Grease Theft Epidemic" and check our Grease Theft Prevention page for how you can report or protect against this growing crime.