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We know your used cooking oil has value, but so do the thieves - help us stop grease theft!

You’ve probably heard us say that no single company on our planet has done more to increase the value of your used cooking oil than we have. Our pioneering efforts in building the first commercial plants in both the USA and Canada to produce biodiesel from recycled animal fats and cooking oils has helped increase the demand for your fats and greases, making it a valuable commodity that has helped many food service companies offset service costs.

Unfortunately, others have also watched the value of your oil increase.  Along with the current rise in used oil value has come an increase in incidents of grease and used cooking oil theft and the proliferation of disreputable ‘restaurant service companies’. We are working diligently with our customers and local authorities to put an end to grease theft. It threatens revenue and personal safety.

Safe and secure theft-resistant storage solutions

DAR PRO Solutions offers the industry’s most diverse lineup of indoor used cooking oil storage systems to increase theft prevention and virtually eliminate the threat of grease theft as well as outdoor storage systems that make it more difficult for your used cooking oil to be removed by anyone but our service technician.

Report grease theft!

The first line of defense against grease theft is to only do business with a licensed, professional service provider who will provide complete service records, fully explain their method of calculating pricing and rebates, and can offer you theft-deterrent equipment. Sadly, using a reputable service provider can’t and won’t stop thieves determined to steal your used oil. If you witness an incident of theft, please call your local law enforcement authorities as well as our toll-free number (855-DAR-PRO1, answered 24/7). Never risk personal safety by trying to stop a theft yourself. If it’s possible to safely do so, write down the license number of the getaway vehicle and the time of day the theft occurred. By taking grease theft seriously, and working together as partners, we can help authorities put a stop to this crime.

Grease theft doesn’t only affect us – it affects our customers, too.