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Why move your used oil collection indoors?

  • No more carrying hot oil outdoors - no slips or falls!
  • Automate transfer of grease from fryer to storage tank - reduce burns!
  • Protect your grease from thieves!
  • Preserve the value of your oil - no contamination by rain or debris!
  • A safer, more efficient kitchen!

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Only DAR PRO Solutions offers the 4S Solution with the industry's most diverse indoor grease, fryer and used cooking oil storage options

Simple. Safe. Secure. Sanitary.

Simple. One phone call and you're on your way to a safer, cleaner workplace

Safe. Easy to operate; indoor used cooking oil containers reduce spills and burns, reducing worker injuries and comp claims

Secure.  Our proprietary equipment and indoor solutions help prevent grease theft and oil contamination, securing the value of your used kitchen grease as demand for it increases

Sanitary.  Moving from outdoor bins to indoor equipment immediately enhances your store's "curb appeal", and our direct pump solution virtually eliminates the risk of spills, keeping your kitchen cleaner

Rather than manually carrying used cooking oil outside to a bulk storage container, keep your back door closed! Select one of our indoor systems that will either pump the used cooking oil from your fryer directly into an indoor container, or shuttle the oil from fryer to container using an oil caddy. At your scheduled pick-up, a vacuum hose transfers the used cooking oil from the container into our collection truck. The entire process is quick, safe, discrete and clean. 

Outdoor solutions that grease thieves hate

If an indoor system isn't the answer for you at this time, our DAR PRO Solutions service offers you excellent outdoor collection options as well.  Our outdoor Cleanstar tank series and our theft deterrent lids for outdoor storage will help reduce theft and oil contamination, which helps protect and preserve the value of your used cooking oil.

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