What type of equipment do I need in my store for handling used cooking oil?

You will need a container to store the used oil in, and a method to move the oil from your fryer to the storage container. These storage containers can be outdoor bins or indoor tanks, and there are various ways to transfer the used oil. A DAR PRO representative can schedule a time to visit your location and assess the type of fryers you are using, your volume of grease and frequency of pickup, and will suggest the best system for your store’s needs.

Do I need an outdoor bin or indoor used oil storage system?

Every store is different, and every need has more than one possible solution. Most restaurant managers think the easiest way to get started is using an outside bin to store their used oil, usually placed inside a corral to keep it from public view. But going outdoor has some distinct disadvantages:

  • Reduces curb appeal (the smell may decrease your customers' appetites)
  • Employees must hand-carry hot grease from kitchen to outdoor bin, risking injury
  • Outdoor bins are open invitations to grease theft; difficult to protect your grease
  • If grease is stolen, or contaminated by rainwater or trash, it reduces the value of your grease, which could mean lower, or no, rebate from your service provider

All of these issues are solved by moving your used oil storage indoors. Many managers think they don't have room for an indoor tank; this is seldom the case.  While many providers may only have one or two storage tanks available to choose from, other providers (like DAR PRO Solutions with the most diverse equipment lineup in the industry) offer several options. Advantages of going indoor:

  • Protect your used cooking oil from grease theft and contamination
  • Protect your employees from burns, slips and falls (save on workers comp claims)
  • Protect your kitchen - no need to open the back door, and kitchen operates more efficiently
  • Protect your store's ambiance by not having a smelly bin near customer parking
  • Protect your rebate by preserving your used cooking oil's value


How does the oil get from my fryer to your tank?

We provide various ways to transport the used cooking oil from our customer’s fryer to our storage tank.  

  • Outside collection bins
  • Indoor collection tanks using a caddy to transfer oil from fryer
  • Using a pump station; a hand-held wand suctions the grease from fryer and pumps it to our storage tank

Our most advantageous solution is a direct pump system. This “hands-free, automated” method eliminates the need to manually move hot oil from fryer to tank. Push a button or flip a lever, and direct plumbing uses the fryer’s internal pump to transfer the used cooking oil. If a direct pump system is not a feasible option, the alternate systems can be used to drain the oil from the fryer and efficiently transport it to the tank.

Why do you offer more than one type of used oil storage tank?

A store that cooks with large amounts of fryer grease will need a larger capacity tank (or will need more frequent service visits). Some kitchens have limited floor space and need a unit with a small footprint. We offer tank solutions that fit most any need.

Do I have to install the equipment myself?

A qualified service technician will install the equipment on-site at your restaurant location, either a DAR PRO Solutions employee or a fully-vetted third-party installer.

Do you train my staff how to use the tank?

Yes, training will be provided during the installation. We also supply storyboards that are affixed to the tank illustrating its operation, as well as an operational manual. Your Account Executive or our Customer Engagement Center can answer any questions you may have after the install.

I have a Cleanstar tank, but I don’t want to use a caddy any more. Can I get a direct pump setup?

Yes, in most cases. We will evaluate your current system for direct plumbing to the fryer and determine if the fryer can be adapted to discharge oil to the holding tank, or if a wall-mounted pump station would better serve your needs.

Do you have to come into my kitchen to pump the oil out of the storage tank?

Your equipment selection will determine how the oil is removed from your store, but very rarely would a service technician need to enter your kitchen or store to collect your grease. Our storage solutions allow for outdoor collection using a proprietary fitting that will connect only to DAR PRO Solutions service trucks, thus protecting your used cooking oil from grease theft.

I don’t have room in my store for an inside tank. What are my options to keep it safe from theft?

First, let one of our reps visit your store for a site evaluation; many of our customers who thought they didn’t have room for an inside tank were happy to find they did – and often gained extra shelving space! If you do need to use outdoor bins, there are ways to prevent grease theft.

  • Monitor the grease levels in your tank to detect any fluctuation between service visits.
  • Consider installing a security camera to monitor your grease corral and a fence with a lockable gate to hide your tank from view.
  • Most importantly, know the official uniform and vehicles of your grease service providers.

What if my indoor tank has overflowed?

Part of the process of bringing on a new customer is to evaluate their store volume and set up a pickup schedule so they will be serviced before their tanks or bins reach full status. But positive spikes in your business may throw this schedule off. If your indoor tank has overflowed, call our Customer Engagement Center, 855-DAR-PRO1 (855-327-7761). Also follow these immediate suggestions:

  • Do not add any more oil to the tank.
  • Use a container to collect any dripping oil until service is provided.
  • Block off the area to employee or customer access to prevent slipping and injury.
  • Put an absorbent material on any spilt grease, such as kitty litter, oil dry or quick dry, to keep it from spreading

What do I do if my tank needs repair?

Contact us at 855-327-7761 (855-DAR-PRO1) to determine a resolution. If you know the problem and need to replace a part, visit our new Parts Portal for easy, online ordering.

What warranty is on your equipment?

Our Cleanstar and B.O.S.S. models have a one year parts warranty and a 90-day labor warranty. If you need to replace a part outside of our warranty period, visit our new Parts Portalfor easy, online ordering. Our Customer Engagement Center is available to answer any questions you may have.

How long does it take to remove the oil from my tank?

Not long! The average collection time is 15 minutes; however, it depends on the size of your tank and how much oil is inside. A nearly full tank will naturally require a greater removal time. DAR PRO Solutions will work with you to set up a service schedule to ensure the amount of grease contained is manageable and tank overflow is avoided. Our services technicians strive to be as undisruptive to our customers' business as possible.

What does your equipment cost?

We normally do not charge our customers for our used cooking oil storage equipment, although there may be occasional circumstances where we need to charge a small installation or delivery fee. This would be disclosed prior to entering into a service agreement. DAR PRO Solutions maintains ownership through the agreement period. In this way, our customers get their full rebate, rather than having a portion of a rebate applied towards purchase of the equipment.