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  1. Fat4Fuel used cooking oil storage tank | DAR PRO Solutions

    DESCRIPTION At just  two feet by two feet , the Fat4Fuel is our  most economical used cooking oil collection tank, offering a solution to fit most any kitchen size. This system uses a Grease Caddy Transport. The specially designed quick connectors provide for safe and easy transfer of oil from fryer

  2. 4 Safe Ways to Transfer Used Cooking Oil from Your Fryer

    View our infographic  below for a quick overview of your options. Grease 101: 4 Safe Ways to Transfer Hot Used Cooking Oil from Your Commercial Kitchen's Fryers Outdoor Storage Containers Outdoor grease storage containers are kind of like dumpsters for used cooking oil. Same as with a trash dumpster

  3. Oil Transfer Options | DAR PRO Solutions

    There's more than one way to safely transfer used fryer oil. Direct Pump System - Optimal Solution In certain applications, the filter pump on your fryer can transfer used cooking oil directly to the Cleanstar® unit.   How does this solution work?  We install a secure connection from the "waste oil

  4. 4 Ways to Remove Used Cooking Oil from Restaurant Fryers

    Grease 101: 4 Safe Ways to Remove Hot Used Cooking Oil from Your Commercial Kitchen's Fryers Most would agree that recycling used cooking oil is sanitary, efficient and good for the earth - there's less agreement on what method to use to empty your fryer of used grease so it can be stored for later

  5. Used Cooking Oil Service for Non-Commercial Kitchens | DAR PRO Solutions

    A Partner to Depend On  DAR PRO Solutions specializes in used cooking oil collection, storage, recycling and grease trap cleaning services for school, hospitals and non-commercial kitchens nationwide. Whether your fryers are in the fifth-floor kitchen of a corporation or in school cafeterias across 

  6. Service is our priority at our DAR PRO Solutions Customer Engagement Center

    Customer Relationships are Our #1 Priority "Being available in the way our customers want to reach us is imperative to our success,” said Todd Mathes, Sr. VP Restaurant Services. “With a complete team available by phone, email, chat, face-to-face or social channels, we can be there when they need us

  7. BOSS Space Saver used cooking oil storage tank | DAR PRO Solutions

    Back Side Shelf Overflow Tube (855) 339-0674 Request a Site Survey TECHNICAL DETAILS CAPACITY 1350 lbs/ 180 gal of used cooking oil SIZE 95" h / 48" w / 29" d OIL TRANSFER OPTIONS • Direct pump • Pump station • Grease caddy • Portable filter machine • View Options CERTIFICATIONS ANSI/NSF4 approved f

  8. Automated Used Cooking Oil Equipment | DAR PRO Solutions

    Innovative Solutions For over 30 years, DAR PRO has led the way in designing world-class used cooking oil containers and systems. Today, our tanks push beyond industry expectations to meet customer needs regarding space, volume and features. We offer a wide selection including:  traditional outdoor

  9. Wingstop BOSS Space Saver used cooking oil storage tank | DAR PRO Solutions

    You are here: Previous Next Meet the BOSS Previous Next Equipment to Fit your Footprint DAR PRO Solutions, is an approved vendor of used cooking oil service for Wingstop locations across the U.S. Our program includes an automated system at no charge, with complimentary freight delivery and installat

  10. Casino Industry | DAR PRO Solutions

    A Partner to Depend On DAR PRO Solutions specializes in comprehensive grease management solutions for casinos nationwide.  Whether you have restaurants spread out, gaming arenas, food courts or cafeterias we have the equipment and service capacity to effectively handle all of your grease-related nee