In- & Outdoor storage systems

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Only DAR PRO offers the 4S Solution with the industry’s most diverse indoor storage options

Simple. Safe. Secure. Sanitary.  

Only DAR PRO offers our customers the 4S Solution.  Rest easy knowing that by partnering with us, you have greatly improved workplace safety, reduced environmental risks, improved efficiencies and lowered the risk of grease theft with our advanced oil and grease storage systems and services.

Rather than manually carrying used cooking oil outside to a bulk storage container, our indoor systems either pump the oil from your fryer directly into an indoor tank, or shuttle the oil from fryer to tank using an oil caddy. At your scheduled pick-up, a vacuum hose transfers the oil from the container into our collection truck. The entire process is quick, safe and clean. 

A sample of our indoor used cooking oil collection models

Outdoor solutions that grease thieves hate

If an indoor system isn't the answer for you at this time, our DAR PRO Solutions service offers you excellent outdoor collection options as well.  Our outdoor Cleanstar tank series and our theft deterrent lids for outdoor bins will help reduce theft and oil contamination, which helps protect and preserve the value of your used oil.

For information about our equipment, call 1-855-DAR-PRO1