Achieving sustainability together...

Did you know? You are lowering your own carbon footprint by dedicating used cooking oil to the production of clean-burning biofuel. Renewable Diesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 85% compared to petroleum diesel. Thank you for helping fuel a greener tomorrow! 

Optimal used cooking oil management

Now might be a good time to upgrade your container. You'll love the benefits of an automated storage system:

No carrying oil outdoors

Easy operation saves time

Transfer oil with one touch

 Avoid grease spills and burns

Includes contactless grease pickup

Protects against grease theft

Additional Service Options:

When it comes to grease and indedible meat waste, we have the experience and infrastructure to handle all of your service needs.

What do our customers say about us?

“Having indoor tanks into which our crew members can pump used cooking oil in a very safe manner, as opposed to having to drain that hot grease into a bucket, lift it up and carry outside to dump into a grease bin is a major win for us in terms of safety and job satisfaction, Additionally, it helps maintain the cleanliness of the restaurant and our overall operation.” ​

Eddie Anderson, Chief Operating Officer for Wen-GAP, LLC


"Their system of grease disposal provides a safe and easy solution to what can be a dangerous daily task. From installation to service calls, their customer service has been great, and ​I recommend them to colleagues in the hospitality industry who are looking to upgrade their in-store equipment." ​

Greyson Kohrs, GM Buffalo Wings and Rings, OH


"Makes the store run more efficiently. Has improved productivity because of the ease of the system and helps keep the outside of our store cleaner by eliminating grease spills."​

Jace Hartis, Regional Manager, Wingstop, OK


"We love the internal storage system for cooking oil. It's great that we don't have to carry buckets of oil to a dumpster anymore!​"

John Pugh, Special Projects Manager, Wholesome Burger LLC, PA​