Where We Are

DAR PRO makes up a large part of the Darling Ingredients' USA family, with an extensive network of 80+ facilities nationwide. Our Rothsay operations provide service in much of Canada, making us the perfect partner for food service chains.  Working together, we have become the industry leader in North America, offering optimal efficiency for a more sustainable world. 

Beyond Service

Our commitment stretches far beyond the service and equipment solutions we provide. We help customers reach their own sustainability goals by repurposing collected residuals into valuable new resources. Material is converted into ingredients for animal feed and everyday household and industrial products. The majority of used cooking oil is dedicated as feedstock for renewable fuel production at our Diamond Green Diesel refinery located outside of New Orleans.  

What Do Our Customers Say?

Using automated used cooking oil systems has helped our operations in several ways… the obvious ease of use, a risk reduction for slips and falls, and when using JIB systems, an overall reduced cost.

DarPro has been professionally disposing of my used cooking oil in an environmentally safe way for years now. The drivers are considerate of my restaurant's traffic flow and do not block or slow down the flow.

Dar Pro has made it to where my kitchen staff are able to dispose of oil without risk of injury. Also, these indoor oil storage containers greatly reduce the amount of filth associated with outdoor cans.

The leadership of the organization is also readily available to work through other needs such as upgrading of equipment and other items that may come up. Highly responsive, and a pleasure to do business with.

Effectively handling an area that we don't like to think about!

DAR PRO is a reliable vendor with great communication and scheduling efforts for pick-ups.

Darling has been a partner of ours for over 15 years. They are an integral part of our business. Their response time when calling with issues is very good. Their service staff is prompt and courteous. I believe they are an industry leader and strive to stay on top of the market.

Maintained a good economical model for grease disposal.

DAR PRO is efficient, timely and very professional, has provided my business with indispensable help with finding solutions for filtering our oil and proper pickup and disposal of used oil. This has made the day to day operation so much easier to execute.

The customer service we receive is second to none and make us feel like part of the family. I highly recommend using Dar Pro for your needs!

What a pleasure it is to know that our used grease is safely collected and recycled by such a dependable, professional company! 

Darpro had been very diligent in getting out oil/grease picked up in a timely manner and very gracious when setting up a new location.

Using the Dar-Pro Solutions UCO tanks has kept our employees safer and the lots cleaner.

The biggest thing I can say about DarPro is that whenever we needed some help either getting an on demand service or getting a service record report you have always been able to help me with an immediate response.

We have been partners for many years and they have always been willing to help and have always met our expectations. We also use them to service our grease traps at all 95 locations. They stay on schedule as scheduled.

Any issues we have had with equipment or disposal have been met with immediate help and quick resolution.

They are efficient in response, make us feel comfortable as a client, and always aim to meet the customers' expectations and more! 

They have great customer service and great products that we use for all of our businesses and will continue to use for all future projects.

DARPRO has been very responsive to our opportunities that surface in our restaurants. With DARPRO support and innovations, Krystal looks forward to positively affect our employee's environment.

They have been extremely professional and essential to our business needs. We are very happy to have partnered with DarPro.

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DAR PRO Solutions is a Darling/Griffin brand