Transforming your grease and meat by-products into valued feed and fuel ingredients

The service professionals for restaurant and supermarket used cooking oil recycling, fat and bone collection, and grease trap services.


Serving restaurant and supermarket customers in the USA and Canada

Through our network of service locations, DAR PRO Solutions provides all 50 states in the USA with efficient grease and used cooking oil recycling, professional grease trap maintenance, and sanitary fat and bone pickup. Our Rothsay operations provide restaurant services in much of Canada, making us the perfect partner for national and regional food service chains, as well as our many local and independent restaurant operators.

DAR PRO – Leading grease and used cooking oil recycling company in North America

DAR PRO Solutions specializes in helping restaurants and supermarkets streamline operations by providing world-class storage and recycling of used cooking oil and inedible meat co-products, as well as professional grease trap services. 

DAR PRO Solutions works in close alliance with DAR PRO Ingredients and DAR PRO Bioenergy, all part of Darling Ingredients' USA family.  The residuals we collect are used to produce nutritional and customizable fats and proteins by DAR PRO Ingredients, and are used in the production of biodiesel and renewable diesel by DAR PRO Bioenergy.  Working together, DAR PRO has become the industry leader in North America, offering optimal efficiency for a more sustainable world.