Outdoor solutions that grease thieves hate. If an automated system isn't the answer for you at this time, DAR PRO Solutions service offers you excellent outdoor collection options as well. Our outdoor Cleanstar tank series and theft deterrent lids will help reduce theft and oil contamination, which helps protect and preserve your used cooking oil.  Oil transfer method not provided*


90 day labor / 1 year parts. 

24/7/365 phone support; live chat and social media contact available 8AM - 5PM CST



• Standard:  300 gal
• Medium: 200 gal
• Extra Large: 400 gal


• Standard: Top (60" w x 43" d), Base (53" w x 32" d), ht.36"
• Medium: Top (60" w x 33" d), Base (53" w x 22" d), ht.36"
• Extra Large: Top (63" w x 44" d), Base (56" w x 37" d), ht.41"


• Theft deterrent locking lid 

• Lid includes metal, sliding grate


• Service Agreement
• Back corral with access for pickup

DAR PRO Solutions offers the safest and most efficient Zero-Grease-Contact systems.


Easy to operate and manage; quickly drain fryer oil at the push of a button.     


Safeguard employees and customers from slips, falls and burns due to hot oil handling.


Keep it clean; eliminate touch-points such as greasy buckets, outdoor container lids and more. 


Protect your oil, property and the environment, from theft, impurities and grease run-off.

What do our customers say?

"DAR PRO has helped us by being involved from the beginning when we needed tanks installed, and making sure everything was done in a timely manner. The customer service we received is second to none and makes us feel like part of the family. I highly recommend using DAR PRO for your kitchen grease needs."

Jeremy Little
Northwest Petroleum, Houston, TX

"We have been partners for many years and they have always been willing to help and have always met our expectations. We also use them to service our grease traps at all 95 locations. They stay on schedule as scheduled."

Del Fugate, Project Coordinate Construction
Frisch's Big Boy