Serving the food industry with sustainable waste solutions since 1882

For over a century, our company has provided increasingly diverse and sustainable waste solutions to the U.S. food industry for the removal and repurposing of organic meat by-products and used cooking oils. The history of DAR PRO Solutions and its sister brands, DAR PRO Ingredients and DAR PRO Bioenergy, reaches as far back as 1882 with the founding of Ira C. Darling & Company, which later evolved into today’s Darling Ingredients. In 2012, Darling Ingredients acquired Griffin Industries LLC, another experienced and leading player in the American rendering industry. Shortly after, the DAR PRO Solutions brand was launched to bring together Darling and Griffin’s rendering and restaurant services and their feed and fuel products under a single brand, providing a uniform service provider for customers all over the US. In 2015, we recognized that we could more directly provide for the needs of our customers by splitting DAR PRO into three distinct brands that work closely together to create maximum synergy: DAR PRO Ingredients, which builds on over a century of expertise and innovation by providing quality proteins and fats to pet food, feed and aqua feed markets; DAR PRO Bioenergy, which brings together our pioneering efforts in renewable fuels; and the continuation of DAR PRO Solutions as North America’s leading provider of used cooking oil collection and grease trap services for restaurants and supermarkets.

A part of Darling Ingredients

DAR PRO's roots and experience stretch back to the beginnings of our organization. With a legacy of over a century, Darling Ingredients has emerged as a global leader and innovator in the development and production of sustainable ingredients from nutrient-rich organic by-products, providing quality products and services to industries around the world. Our critical and environmentally safe solutions help protect the food and feed chains, keep people and animals safe, and benefit people, businesses and the environment.

A legacy of service to global industries

Over the years, Darling Ingredients has expanded its business from traditional rendering operations to include a wide range of innovative residuals-to-resources services around the world. In January of 2014, Darling Ingredients expanded its operations to span five continents. Our organization now offers a global portfolio of over 400 products and services for the food, feed, fuel and pharmaceutical industries that are used in businesses and homes around the world every day.