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DAR PRO Solutions specializes in used cooking oil collection, storage, recycling and grease trap cleaning services for school, hospitals and non-commercial kitchens nationwide. Whether your fryers are in the fifth-floor kitchen of a corporation or in school cafeterias across an entire district, we have equipment and the service capacity to effectively handle your grease-related needs. We offer two main service options: 

Let the Experts Handle It

Used cooking oil management can pose numerous challenges depending on the type or number of facilities. 

  • Unusual business hours can require specific pickup times and frequencies for grease contents 
  • Kitchens not on the ground floor can require a relatively long transport of material for storage or disposal
  • Strict procedures regarding the handling of used cooking oil to ensure employee safety and compliance 
  • Storing large amounts used cooking oil can impede on the limited kitchen space 

A Solution for Every Kitchen

Our automated systems are designed to provide you with solutions to safely and efficiently manage your used cooking oil.

  • Custom pickup schedules to minimize interruptions to operations 
  • Fully enclosed tank system installed in one area to collect and store used cooking oil from various kitchen locations in the facility
  • Innovative storage tank designs optimize limited kitchen space and ensure hands-free handling
  • We are experts on local material handling ordinances that affect you and will make sure you are in good standing

Helping You Achieve Sustainability

Your customers care about the impact on the environment.  By dedicating collected volumes of UCO to produce "Green Diesel" and feed ingredients, DAR PRO is helping to reduce the carbon footprint of your food production efforts.  Our closed-loop process takes your by-product from waste material to biofuel via our state-of-the art processing center, Diamond Green Diesel. 

Successful Installs

We were having grease spills all over our dock area from trying to dump our grease in a standard grease container. We switched to a Dar Pro sealed container and grease caddy that sucks the grease right out of the grease caddy and into the sealed container. We have no more mess or danger of someone spilling hot grease on themselves.

Reach us 24/7: (855) 327-7761

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Did You Know?

Businesses with commercial kitchens that produce fats, oils and grease must have an interceptor (or trap) to keep contaminates out of the city’s sewer system.  How do I maintain a grease trap?