What does DAR PRO Solutions do?

DAR PRO Solutions is the nation’s leading provider of clean, efficient and sustainable used cooking oil collection and grease trap services, and offers the most diverse line of used cooking oil collection equipment in the industry. DAR PRO also collects meat by-products from grocers, butchers and meat processors. All cooking oil and meat co-products are processed and repurposed into biofuel, nutritional animal feed ingredients, or used in many common household and commercial products.

What is the difference between Darling Ingredients and DAR PRO Solutions?

Darling Ingredients is the parent company of DAR PRO Solutions. DAR PRO Solutions is a brand of Darling Ingredients focused on providing used cooking oil removal and grease trap services to the food industry in the United States.

What does Darling Ingredients do?

Darling Ingredients Inc. is the international leader in converting edible and inedible bio-nutrients from animal origin into nutritional, safe and sustainable food, feed and fuel ingredients for a growing, global population. Darling has over 200 processing plants on five continents with sales and distribution offices throughout the world and is the only publicly traded company in our industry (NYSE/DAR). They are headquartered in Irving, Texas with approximately 10,000 worldwide, dedicated employees providing services and products to an international market.

If Darling is international, does DAR PRO Solutions operate all around the world?

DAR PRO Solutions offers used cooking oil, grease trap, and fat and bone services to the U.S. foodservice industry. Their sister brand, Rothsay, offers the same services in Canada. Restaurant services are not currently available from Darling Ingredients in the rest of the world, though there are some fat and bone pickup services from retailers in some European countries under our Rendac brand.

​ How do I become a DAR PRO Solutions customer?​

It’s easy. Submit a new business inquiry form or call us at 855 DAR PRO1 (855-327-7761) to connect with our Customer Engagement Center where we can answer any questions you may have. You can also Live Chat with us during regular business hours (8 AM- 5 PM CST). We have partnered with Docusign to make the process quick, efficient, and paperless. We offer our services to the food service industry nationwide.

What if I have an emergency outside of business hours?

Our 855-DAR-PRO1 number is answered - live! - 24/7/365, with emergency calls forwarded to our on-call Customer Engagement Center representative. We can often provide trouble-shooting help over the phone that can solve the problem or get you through to the next business day.

Do I have to sign a contract to become a customer?

We do ask new customers to sign a service agreement, for both your and our protection and benefit. In most cases, no signup fees are involved. Such an agreement provides assurance to our customer that we are their sole service provider and outlines the service expectations we have agreed to provide. Marking your outdoor tank contents as property of DAR PRO Solutions can also help prevent and/or prosecute grease theft.

What does it cost me to be a DAR PRO Solutions customer?

In the majority of cases, there is no signup or administrative fee for being our customer, although dependent upon market conditions, store location, or other special circumstances, we occasionally may need to charge a small delivery or fee. This would be disclosed prior to finalizing any agreement. Normally, we provide the oil storage equipment and grease pick up at no charge to our customers under normal yellow grease market and operational conditions.