Who We Are

DAR PRO Solutions, part of the Darling Ingredients family, repurposes used cooking oil and meat by-products across the United States into renewable biofuels, animal feed ingredients and other household and industrial resources. Alongside Darling’s Canadian brand Rothsay, we build on more than a century of expertise and innovation to provide quality service solutions throughout North America. Among our food service customers are independent and brand restaurant chains, casinos, hotels, major airports and virtual kitchens.

About Darling Ingredients

Darling Ingredients has more than 135 years of industry-defining experience protecting people, animals and the planet. Darling, alongside many of its global brands, provides critical environmental services that turn biomass waste into necessary resources and helping to create a healthy, sustainable future.

Today, Darling has over 200 processing plants on five continents with sales and distribution offices throughout the world and is the only publicly traded company in our industry (NYSE/DAR). They are headquartered in Irving, Texas with approximately 10,000 worldwide, dedicated employees providing services and products to an international market.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Fact Sheet

At Darling Ingredients, we believe economic and ecological sustainability should function together to achieve the greatest benefits. We invite you to view or download our ESG factsheet. Additionally, connect with us on social media for our latest updates and achievements.