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DAR PRO Solutions, a brand of internationally-known Darling Ingredients, is a Burger King, red book approved vendor of used cooking oil services for locations across the US.

Our solutions provide efficient disposal of your used cooking oil without the hassle. With our direct pump connection, an automated system can attach to your fryers and quickly drain away used oil.

Our Top BK Equipment Solutions:

  • Simple and safe: ease of use and simple functionality mean fewer service calls
  • Proprietary anti-theft fitting on outside wall prevents non-authorized removal of your waste oil
  • Aggressive rebates: based on the monthly average of the yellow grease market as quoted by the Jacobsen price guide
  • 24/7/365 dedicated customer engagement who understand the Burger King program
  • Our professional grease trap service available in most markets
  • Our Zero Cost Solution requires a 5-year service commitment


B.O.S.S. Space Saver

  • Our #1 tank installed in 2019.  LESS SPACE - MORE STORAGE!
  • 1350 lbs. / 180 gallon used cooking oil capacity
  • Footprint:  Height: 95" / Width: 48" / Depth: 29"
  • 4 storage shelves rack up against a translucent poly tank, allowing a visual of oil level
  • Several transfer options: Direct pump, pump station, grease caddy, portable filter machine
  • Use with liquid shortening only
  • Certifications: NSF/ ANSI4/ ANSI/NFPA 30/ UL Listed

Spec Sheet


Cleanstar GRN 1500

  • Our smallest tank, fits most any kitchen space!
  • 1425 lbs. / 190 gallon used cooking oil capacity
  • Footprint: Height: 64" / Width: 30" / Depth: 30"
  • Multiple oil transfer options: Direct pump, pump station and grease caddy
  • Certifications: NSF / ANSI4 / ANSI/NFPA 30 / UL Listed
  • Portable Filter Machine

Spec Sheet

If a direct pump solution is not an option at this time we can install a Pump Station:

Pump Station: Provides similar advantages of Direct Pump System. System consists of a pump and motor placed next to (or near) your fryer to eliminate altering or connecting to your current fryer. Available for use with any type of fryer.

Typical B.O.S.S. SpaceSaver Install

Stainless steel cover hides heat-resistant pipe that connects to your fryer and exits through ceiling...

...dropping back down to connect to our B.O.S.S. SpaceSaver.

Proprietary anti-theft fitting on outside wall, allows only DAR PRO service vehicles access to your waste oil.

Typical Cleanstar GRN 1500 Install

Small footprint allowing for fitting virtually anywhere...

...easy connections.

Extraction pipe installed on outside wall allows DPS to remove oil without entering the restaurant.

Contact us at your dedicated line: 844-980-0381

Testimonials from BK Owners & Operators

Helped us to effectively handle an area that we don't like to think about! 

- Mark Escamilla, Owner, Washington​

Our company has been using DAR PRO services for over 20 years for grease removal at each of our 8 Burger King locations. During this time we have remodeled several stores and Joe Fiouris, Sr. Account Representative has assisted us in the selection of the equipment necessary to fit the location. These installations have been completed smoothly and professionally. DAR PRO continues to review our accounts for any upgrades which might be available. When we experience equipment problems, it is handled efficiently by a knowledgeable service team. What a pleasure it is to know that our used grease is safely collected and recycled by such a dependable, professional company!  ​

- Cindy Lloyd, Director of Operations, New Jersey

Mark Baker and DAR PRO have been the perfect partner in managing our waste cooking oil product. They have supplied us with great equipment, waste oil containment system and a pumping schedule that keeps up with our high volume. Even when special circumstances arise, they bend over backwards to take care of us. A+ company with an A+++ in customer service. 

- Blake McBrayer, Kentucky

Using the DAR PRO Solutions UCO tanks has kept our employees safer and the lots cleaner. ​

- Robert Harris, Director of Operations, Texas​

Our Sustainability Promise

100% of your used cooking oil will be processed at one of our company-owned facilities and repurposed into something new.  We can further commit that the equivalent volume picked up from your store will become sustainable, clean-burning biofuel and renewable diesel.

Cleaner fuel = Cleaner air

Save money. Save space. Save time.
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