• 1Jan
    Restaurant Services

    Four Ways to Remove Used Cooking Oil from Your Fryer

    Recycling used cooking oil is sanitary, efficient and good for the earth. The only question is "how?" Today’s restaurateurs can use everything from low-tech storage bins to high-tech collection tanks to remove and store their used cooking oil from their fryers. Here are four of the most common ...

  • 1Jan
    A New Approach to Customer Satisfaction

    Our New Customer Engagement Center

    Enhancing and solidifying our commitment to always put our customers first, DAR PRO Solutions has launched its new Customer Engagement Center, to efficiently serve the needs of our customers from initial consultations to service requests.  By going digital with an expanded inside sales and service ...

  • 1Jan
    Are you seeing your rebate - or your service provider - disappear?

    Service matters!

    Collecting used cooking oil is all about offering a service. Period. Some service providers may try to sell you on the price they can give your for your grease, but in rough times, like the low yellow grease market we are in today, many of these newcomers to the industry can't survive and fold shop, ...

  • 1Jan
    How Restaurants Can Increase Traffic and Sales During the Winter Months

    10 Ways Restaurants Can Increase Holiday Sales

    Holidays can be a stressful time for restaurants. Office parties or catered events may put a one-time toll on your personnel resources, but overall, restaurant traffic often drops.  Customers prefer having family dinners and celebrations around their own dining table, and the cold winter months may ...

  • 1Jan
    Impact of Millenials on the Restaurant Industry

    Are you appealing to the Millenial crowd?

    It shouldn't come as a surprise that Millennials are having an impact on how businesses operate and engage with their customers.  As one of the largest generational groups, their attitudes towards what is important affect the decisions they make daily - from where to shop, which media to watch, ...

  • 1Jan
    Is Your Grease Service Partner There for the Tough Times?

    Weathering the Storms

    Sometimes, Mother Nature throws us some special challenges. Last year's hurricane season. Widespread, wind-fed wildfires. Weeks-long droughts. The 'bomb cyclone' raging thru the Eastern U.S.  Is your used cooking oil service provider equipped to plow on and carry through? We deal with inclement ...

  • 1Jan
    Moving used cooking oil indoors is as easy as 1-2-3

    Easy as 1-2-3!

    Making the move from messy outdoor used cooking oil bins to sleek, clean, automated indoor tanks is as easy as 1/2/3. Learn how you can minimize risk and increase efficiency with a simple move to indoor equipment.

  • 1Jan
    What happens to HOT grease in ICY weather? | DAR PRO Solutions

    What happens to HOT grease on ICY cold days?

    Anyone who has cooked a chicken knows what happens to chicken grease when it cools - it solidifies.  So does used cooking oil when its sitting outside in a collection bin.  Servicing outdoor bins that are iced in, or filled with a 'grease cube', is challenging at best, and a service blocker for ...

  • 1Jan
    outdoor used cooking oil storage

    Why do this...?

    If your staff were given the choice of working in a kitchen where they had to hand carry hot grease outdoors and empty it into a bin, or flip a switch and have the hot oil seamlessly pump from fryer to storage container, which do you think they’d prefer?  Lower the risks of burns, slips & theft ...