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DAR PRO Solutions provides comprehensive grease management solutions for Ghost Kitchens nationwide.  Whether you operate around the clock, or have multiple brand concepts and fryers, we have the equipment and the service capacity to effectively handle all your grease-related needs.  We offer two main services for virtual kitchens: 

Let the Experts Handle It

Competition among Ghost Kitchens can be fierce, especially with the recent uptick in delivery-only transactions.  When it comes to grease management we understand the many challenges for your kitchen. 

  • Storing large amounts of used cooking oil can impede on the limited space in kitchen
  • Need to maintain low overhead and reduce manual labor
  • Staying up to date with local grease trap and oil handling ordinance
  • Centralizing the used cooking oil storage system to collect oil from multiple fryers 
  • Giving employees a safe and sanitary work environment, free of potential slips or falls due to handling hot oil
  • Operating multiple brands in your kitchen could mean having to maintain partnerships with multiple vendors

A Solution for Every Kitchen

We offer simple, universal solutions to help you safely manage your kitchen grease and maintain a healthy bottom line.  

  • We are experts on local material handling ordinances and will make sure you are in good standing
  • Our innovative storage tank designs optimize limited space
  • Automated systems keep employee interaction with used cooking oil to a minimum 
  • Anti-theft equipment discourages theft to make sure you save every dollar coming to you
  • It doesn’t matter where you open your next kitchen, with 80 facilities across the country, we are close by and ready to serve your needs

Helping You Achieve Sustainability

Your customers care about the impact on the environment.  By dedicating collected volumes of UCO to produce "Green Diesel" and feed ingredients, DAR PRO is helping to reduce the carbon footprint of your food production efforts.  Our closed-loop process takes your by-product from waste material to biofuel via our state-of-the art processing center, Diamond Green Diesel. 

Successful Installs:

The safety aspects have been #1 and efficiencies have been GREAT. I think every business that has a fryer should get a unit.

Reach us 24/7: (855) 327-7761

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Did You Know?

On average, the typical exterior grease trap is 1,000 gallons or larger. A consultation with a plumber or a trap manufacturer can recommend and install the right size trap for your store.