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The cleaner, leaner and greener solution

Whether you’re an independent operator or a national restaurant chain, we at DAR PRO Solutions understand your need for streamlined operations. What makes us different?

  • 130+ year history of service to the food industry
  • Direct service performed by our fully-trained employee technicians
  • Proprietary equipment to help with secure grease collection, protecting its value
  • Modern, company-owned fleet (41st largest private fleet in USA) with on-board routing logistics to provide efficient and reliable service to our customers with a lower carbon footprint
  • Extensive network of biosecure processing facilitiesacross North America
  • Diverse solutions for your material - your oils, fats and meat by-products are used for fuel, feed and more
  • Our company owns* and operates three biofuel processing facilities

Our comprehensive restaurant services range from grease collection and trap cleaning to spent oil storage equipment and system maintenance.  We will help you keep your restaurant kitchen and grease traps cleaner, leaner and greener – and ensure your customers keep coming back for more of what you successfully deliver.

GREASE THEFT may sound petty, but it's a serious crime with serious criminals.  Read "The Grease Theft Epidemic" and check our Grease Theft Prevention page for how you can report or protect against this growing crime.

Why switch to automated grease collection tanks?

  • No more carrying hot oil outdoors - no slips or falls!
  • Automate transfer of grease from fryer to storage tank - reduce burns!
  • Protect your grease from thieves!
  • Preserve the value of your oil - no contamination by rain or debris!
  • Solutions for indoor or outdoor placement!
  • A safer, more efficient kitchen!

Full service, fuller impact

  • Lower cost, increased operational efficiency
  • A single partner – one call, one invoice
  • Most diverse selection of used cooking oil and grease collection equipment in the industry
  • More time to devote to your core business as you rely on us for your grease needs
  • Schedule services to provide least disruption to your business
  • The most economically and environmentally viable solution to your oil and grease needs
  • Solidify your sustainability image and performance
  • The assurance of working with an experienced, trusted market leader

Nationwide service, nationwide care

Providing service in all 50 states across the USA and parts of Canada (under our Rothsay brand, also part of the Darling Ingredients family), we schedule our service calls to meet your individual needs.  We can also offer our chain customers contract pricing and consolidated billing of all our offered services.  Whether you operate a single location or a vast franchise network, you’ll find a DAR PRO solution that is right for you. 

Your customers will appreciate that you are repurposing your residuals into resources

* Butler, Kentucky (DAR PRO Bioenergy);  Montreal, Quebec (Rothsay Biodiesel); Norco, Louisiana (Diamond Green Diesel, jointly owned by Darling Ingredients Inc. and Valero Energy Corp.)