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Our company has been developing indoor used cooking oil collection systems since the 1980s, continually improving on and diversifying our tank selections to meet your needs and wishes with regard to space, volume and features.  

Our simple, safe and secure used cooking oil collection services leave you worry-free

  • Used Cooking Oil Collection

With over a century of experience in the food industry, Darling Ingredients, under our DAR PRO Solutions brand, makes the pickup of used cooking oil simple, safe and worry-free.  Our professionally trained, uniformed and licensed service personnel, coupled with our state-of-the-art equipment and innovative approach to grease management, handle and recycle your used cooking oil responsibly, efficiently and in accordance with governmental and environmental regulations.

Our partnership is of value to us both

Our company continually works to identify and develop cutting-edge, value-added applications for used cooking oil, primarily in renewable fuels and animal feed ingredients, but also for use in a variety of every-day consumer and industrial products, like soaps, solvents, paints and plastics. Our market development efforts have helped to increase the value of used cooking oil, allowing us to provide value back to our customers beyond our superior customer service.

Looking for a reliable, professional and sanitary used cooking oil service provider? Please call 1-855-DAR-PRO1 to schedule a consultation with one of our representatives.