Innovative, Sustainable and Trustworthy

DAR PRO Solutions began developing indoor used cooking oil collection systems in the 1980s. Today, our ground-breaking systems push beyond industry expectations to exceed customer needs and desires regarding space, volume and features. Every DAR PRO collection system offers a reliable, sustainable and safe way to collect and recycle used cooking oil.

Eliminate Worry and Hassle

  • Indoor used cooking oil tanks

As a DAR PRO customer, you can rest easy knowing your used cooking oil will be handled safely and efficiently by our professionally trained, uniformed and licensed service personnel. DAR PRO staff use state-of-the-art grease management equipment to handle and recycle used cooking oil responsibly, thoroughly and in accordance with governmental and environmental regulations.

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Why move used cooking oil collection indoors?

  • No more carrying hot oil outdoors - no slips or falls!
  • Automate transfer of grease from fryer to storage tank - reduce burns!
  • Protect your grease from thieves!
  • Preserve the value of your oil - no contamination by rain or debris!
  • A safer, more efficient kitchen!

We're your Sustainability Partner!

DAR PRO repurposes all of the used cooking oil and meat byproducts our facilities accept and process. This procedure goes beyond creating renewable fuels and animal feed ingredients; it also includes manufacturing a variety of every-day consumer and industrial products, like soaps, solvents, paints, and plastics. DAR PRO’s sustainability goals are twofold; the more efficient our operations are, the better our customers achieve their own environmental mission.