There's a better, safer way to remove your used fryer oil

“Having indoor tanks into which our crew members can pump used cooking oil in a very safe manner, as opposed to having to drain that hot grease into a bucket, lift it up and carry outside to dump into a grease bin is a major win for us in terms of safety and job satisfaction,” said Eddie Anderson, Chief Operating Officer for Wen-GAP, LLC, which owns 20 Wendy’s stores. “Additionally, it helps maintain the cleanliness of the restaurant and our overall operation.”

Automated Storage Equipment Options

Most reputable used cooking oil service providers offer storage equipment of some sort. Aside from the obvious considerations such as warranties and costs involved, there are numerous other needs that must be considered before selecting the tank for your store.

  • What is your volume of used cooking oil?  

  • How often will the grease need to be picked up?

  • How much available floor space to you have in your kitchen?

  • Is the system easy to operate?  

  • Is your fryer already equipped for a direct pump system?

  • How is the grease moved from storage tank to service truck?

  • Does the system have anti-grease theft features?

  • Does your chosen service provider have various options available to suit your specific needs?

A responsible service provider will consider all those questions and work with you to determine the best solution for your specific grease removal needs.  Most providers only offer one or two models, which may or may not be the most efficient or economical choice for a store’s specific needs.


Eddie, and his father Ed Anderson, CEO of Wen-Gap, chose to select a service provider who offered a wide variety of tank options. With DAR PRO Solutions, they found a solution that was ideal for their franchise needs.  

Having seen how the used collection process has changed over the years, Ed Anderson said, “Because of the collection system DAR PRO has developed, we are better prepared to make sure the grease ends up in the container, so it can be properly used somewhere else. DAR PRO Solutions has continued to refine their containment system to make it better, which tells us that their concern for our employee’s safety aligns with our values.”

The industry’s pioneer in automated equipment, DAR PRO offers a wide selection of used cooking oil removal equipment from space-saving units that offer additional shelving, to their premier Cleanstar® line that can hold up to 2500 gallons of used oil. Most of their tanks can be installed with a direct pump option, allowing the seamless, automatic transfer of oil from fryer to tank with the push of a button or flip of a lever.  DAR PRO also has proprietary outdoor hook-up valves that prevent anyone other than a DAR PRO Solutions service vehicle from attaching a hose to transfer your grease to their tank... important for stores receiving rebates based on their collected grease volume. 

If you would like to learn more about DAR PRO Solutions’ equipment options, click here.


DAR PRO Solutions is a thought leader in the industry for used cooking oil management and grease trap services. Our innovative equipment solutions, strong customer support, and service expertise will make handling grease a worry free part of your business. Reach out to a DAR PRO representative today and find out how your ghost kitchen or restaurant can benefit from our partnership. Call us 24/7/365 at 855-DAR-PRO1 (855-327-7761).